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CHEETAH AND AFRICAN WILD DOGS NEED LOTS OF SPACE: Of all the large carnivores of Africa cheetahs and wild dogs need lots of space. Recognition of this led to the RANGE WIDE CONSERVATION PLANNING PROCESS bringing together all sectors of society to develop frameworks under which all stakeholders - government, community and private - can work together to ensure the survival of these iconic species. Use this website to learn more about this innovative approach, the distribution of the two species, who is working to help them and what is being done on the ground.


The Vision

The range wide planning process for cheetah and African wild dog was the vision of Dr Sarah Durant and Dr Rosie Woodroffe who realised in 2006 that without a landscape approach to the conservation of the two species their survival was in doubt. Thus the range wide planning programme was launched in 2007. As a result of their vision, to date three regional strategies have been developed, over 250 people have been involved in developing national action plans, and over 50 organisations and individuals are collaborating together to save these two iconic species of Africa.

Threats To Their Survival

The survival of cheetah and African wild dog is threatened in a number of ways.


Featured Project
Illegal trade of live cheetahs tabled at CITES Bangkok, 2013


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